On Page SEO Techniques for Effective Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has two parts one is on page seo optimization and off page seo optimization. Here we are going to guide about On Page SEO Techniques which beginners must learn and apply to their blogs or websites to rank in top 10 in search engines.

On Page SEO Techniques

Here we are going to share On Page SEO Optimization Techniques which we follow and apply on our blog posts or for our clients. Read these on page seo tips or On Page SEO Optimization Techniques in details below.

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On Page Optimization Techniques – 10 Elements

1 – Use of Keyword in Title

Keyword must be used in title of the post and must be use in the content also. This on page seo tips plays major role in search engine optimization.

2 – Meta Tags

Keywords must be used in Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta keywords in the post. This on page optimization techniques give signals to search engine about your chosen keywords.

3 – Keywords in URL

If keyword is present in the URL of the post, then your post is really going to rock in the search engines.

4 – Proper USE of H Tags

Use of the Keywords in H1, H2 and H3 tags in your content, if you are optimizing 3- 4 keywords in your content then you can use first keyword in H1 tag, second keyword in H2 tag, Third keyword in H3 tag. In this way by using H tags in your content you can do on page seo optimization of your all keywords.

5 – High light your Keywords

High lighting keywords in the post by making them Bold, Italic and underlined is the best way to high light the keywords. It is also called as keyword optimization in the content. I must apply this on page seo optimization techniques in my every post.

On Page SEO Techniques

6 – Starting and Ending

You should start your content with keyword and must end with keywords, I want to say that Keywords must be present in first 100 and last 100 words of the content. You cant avoid this on page seo techniques for proper keyword optimization in content.

7 – Length of the Content

Content must be written in minimum 300 words and content with above 500 words are more preferred by search engine to rank higher. Try to write large content in the post to follow this on page seo tips in your website.

8 – Interlinking the Posts

Just Inter link your blog posts using keywords of your posts this will really magically increase your search engine ranking and is very important on page seo optimization techniques of your content.

9 – USE Image alt Tag

Use minimum 1 image in your every post or page and use keyword by Image Alt Tag to this Image as Alternative Text.

If you are using 2 or three images in posts then you can use second keyword or third keyword in Image alt tag.

10 – Use One External Link

You can add one External Link to the post using keyword as anchor text. This On Page SEO Techniques works as the plus point to on page seo optimization techniques of blog posts.

11 – Keyword Density

Personally I recommend to use keyword in proper density, Ideal Keyword Density is 1 – 2 % for right optimization. Really effective On Page Optimization techniques.

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